Vocals/Guitar- Matt Ricci

Synth/[Lyricist]- James Finch

Drums- Casey Carroll

Bass/Vocals- Ben Boldt


Formed by guitarist/vocalist: Matt Ricci and lyricist: James Finch in 2007, this Bristol, Rhode Island band was initially an acoustic duo. Upon completion of their self-produced and self-released full length album, "All Hail The Hitmaker" in 2008, a growing fan base and growing aspirations began to take shape.

Inspired by such bands as Motion City Soundtrack and Harvey Danger, Matt Ricci And The Sometimes Y's clever lyrics and pop hooks appeal to the smart and sarcastic. The songs are always catchy and often hilarious.

Matt Ricci And The Sometimes Y recorded and released their new EP 'We're All Alone In This Together' in the spring of 2011. They are about to release their newest full-length album, 'Ashtray Empire' in summer 2012, and are working on new projects with their new full line-up (including drummer, Casey Carroll, and bass player, Ben Boldt)